Norton ghost Backup NEED HELP PLS

hi guys i have a problem and i wonder if some of you know the solution
i have a friend of mine who made a backup from norton ghost
he as 9 cd when he try to extract them i got an error saying that could read data on the disk “CD”

i would like to know the procedure to try it from my PC i have the 9 image on my disk drive. does it have cracking software to be able to get he stuff back

can anyone show me how to start with norton ghost and tell me if it his possible that i could get his stuff back???

thx in advance sorry for my english and mostly french


well theres the ghost explorer executable file that should allow you to browser your images that norton ghost made… i would assume this could save atleast some of the data that norton ghost backed up to those 9 cd’s u got.

p.s. next time you image a hard drive i would recommend setting up your hard drive into parititions this way u can just image your C drive to say your D drive and if u need to restore it it would be nice and simple that way.

hello bro thx for replying the fact his is not my hard drive but a friend of mine
when i try opening the gho file in explorer file its say i need the the file who have the information about images

that should be something like the cue file for bin or something i just got gho fle 9 of them that i copy on my hdd drive

i dunno what to do he still hoping to get his stuff back

btw i dont have the bootdisk or the cd boot created from norton ghost my friend just bring me the 9 cd with the GHo file on it.
maybe it as hide file on the cd i dint realy check that but my computer his suposed to shot all the file. i dunno what i need to do to recover his stufff help me pls

I don’t know if this is the case, but some backup programs require that you load the last cd of the set first and then redirect to the first…another possibility is that the disks he made was on a corrupted system, if that the case then your system will not read it provided that your system is clean…just some thoughts.

If you want the best backup proggies use Acronis, they have it down and it nevers screws up…:slight_smile:

The very best way to do these restore on any image restoring program is to make a small partion just for the restore image CD’s and DVD’s are not to reliable. I cocur that there might be an image corruption here.

Ya I have made backup disks and it is definelty alot more risky to trust than putting the backup to another drive with a special partition. I have had a corrupted system before and made backups to dvd but when I redid the operating system from scratch those backups said nope can’t read it…:frowning:

It is very frustrating, and almost makes you feel like you got in a car accident when you saw the data that is completely gone (Adrenalin) I have lost 700gb one time, it’s a horrible feeling. :a

ok but is there a way to see the content of the gho file because the guy realy want his 3 year of picture.
i try loading the last cd nothing happen
is there any other programmes that would allow me to see thecontent of the cd and restor it?

With Ghost 2002 run from a floppy or CD you need the serial number to do a restore. and when the entire program is installed on a PC you use Ghost Explorer to pull files out of the ghost image.

so there is not solution to restor a gho file if ghost explorer dont find them
or it still have hope with the norton ghost 2002 boot disk???
no other software can open ghost image?
i heard i cant see the image if my drive is ntsf is that right all my drive are currently ntsf maybe the guys had his system in fat32

help me sort thing out thx in advance need.

norton ghost creates a proprietary image. that means ghost explorer can open it and the ghost program can restore the full image if necessary.

that’s why ghost tells you to create a boot disc before proceeding. you can probably also restore it within the windows environment through the ghost program itself.

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