Norton Ghost 2004 - restoring

Guys, check this out,

I have this friend who’s been using NSW 2004 to no avail. After trying to use the suite, mainly the Ghost module from which she made a series of 6 cd’s, she decided to quit on it since most of the time the whole thing was giving her problems and her hard drive was completely wiped out several times. I asked her if I could help her restore the data on these disks. Even though I have the 2003 version she game me the 2004 original before returning it from which I installed just Ghost only on my XP Pro machine without a hitch, (she has win2k Pro).

I tried opening her discs but the same info repeats in each one of them, a bunch of program folders under the parent folder My Programs, they do open, with subfolders and everything, but oddly all of them seem to be empty, and I don’t really see anything in the likes of a ghost image or a .gho file extension listed or showing up though. Is there a way of extracting her data to my hd, even though they are diferent OS’s and hardware, or could it be that she just screwed up with the program and its settings and all this stuff that I have it’s just a bunch of duds? Any ideas on this matter will be greatly appreciated. Thx and cheers. :slight_smile:

I’m sorry, I discovered that these cd’s were burned with Roxio’s “retrieve” utility. She gave the wrong cd’s! Now I got the Ghost recorded ones (a set of nine). I’ll start working on these and see how it goes.