Norton Ghosst 14

They never maek it eash!!!

Loaded Norton Ghost 14. Followed directions to the best of my ability to
copy or clone my current hard dirve to a new, larger hard drive. Declared it to be the primary partiion, copied the master boot table, did it all the best I could. Removed the old, smaller, hard drive after the process was complete
(some 17 hours later) and connected the new, cloned drive in it’s place.
Turned on the computer to boot up into the new drive - won’t boot!!! Can’t find any guidance from Northon as to what to do in case the boot fails. Dead in the water and exhausted after 28 hours of frustrating failure.
Life line appreciated!!! JP

before you copied to this new drive, did you connect it to your computer, and format and partition it, using the administrative tools? Which OS are you running…