Norton FULL screen rule

is there a way to get norton to auto block a program from accessing the internet when it’s running in full screen, insted of popping up a warning and freezing my pc?

manually adding the exe in program control list is tedious since everytime i get an update the exe changes (warcraft for example) and i have to add it to norton a=everytime this happens, and when i DO forget to do so pior to launching the game, when the program starts at full screen i would get the stupid warning message from norton asking me to block or allow it and of course, freezing my pc in the process because norton isn’t smart enough to relize i can’t move the damn mouse in full screen! :a

so please help me, thanks

This is just an opinion, but this is one of the things that annoyed me about Norton and it being a major resource hog. I would suggest that you lose Norton and use a Virus program that uses very little resouces.

Kaspersky is one that I would recommend, and you can get it for free.

AOL and Kaspersky have a joint venture called Active Virus Shield which is actually Kaspersky with a little bit of a different window dressing. Has only the most important features of Kaspersky:file protection, mail protection, virus scan and updates. Requires email registration to obtain a key. Good for a year and then you repeat the process.


:cool: :cool:

Yea Its pretty good. I’m Using that and Norton 360, and SpyWare Search and Destroy.

Kaspersky is free? wow i recall seeing it on shelves before, thanks for the heads up.

though i shouldn’t be here right now since i have other stuff to…well…worry about…T_T

thank for the help