Norton Antivirus And Nero Problems

I have been trying to solve a problem I have been having with my 40125w burner hanging at the end of some burns…I noticed the first burn after booting would always fail with messages from nero saying write error and invalid write state, the next burn would be fine and from then on it would be just chance if the burn worked or not…the failed burns always have the LED turn from red to orange and stay orange for 30 secs or so before nero says failed to write at 40x or 32x (speed doesnt matter, it still fails)…I tried re-formatting and it worked fine for 10-15 burns THEN I INSTALLED NORTON ANTIVIRUS 2002…the burns failed again, switching the auto protect off in the system tray DOES NOT WORK …it still fails on the first burn. The solution is to go into the properties in norton and stop it from loading with windows…I have tested this and wrote 25+ burns without problems. I am testing CD MATE at the minute and first impressions are it is not affected by norton at all. It seems on my machine at least nero and norton dont like each other…I need to find a solution to this (if there is one!)…by the way I tried switching the antivirus plugin off in nero but it made no difference. REMEMBER NOT ALL BURNS FAIL…JUST THE FIRST , THEN RANDOM…someone else might have this problem but hasnt realised its something to do with norton and nero…if anyone has any views or has similar problems please post…dave

I have seen all sorts of problems cropping up with NAV/other programs not interacting well. It seems like the latest versions of NAV are “hogging” everything, making it difficult for other programs to find space to work. I am suspecting that when NAV starts with Windows it loads a dll into the memory space that Nero wants to use.

You didn’t say which version of Windows you are running, but one option is if you are running 2k or XP is to set up another user account just for bruning. Keep everything the same in it, except don’t add NAV to it. That way you can surf and download under the protected account and then burn without NAV getting in the way.

thanks mjc…thats the best solution I have heard so far…I am using windows xp…I had no problems with my 32x liteon but it came with a different nero version (even though I updated them with nero nothing surprises me with my setup anymore, one day everything is fine and the next I have trouble. I thought more people would have come forward to say they had problems with nero and norton…I take it mine must be an isolated case (huh typical…lol)…anyway thanks for the tip mjc.