Norton anti-virus a pile of poo?



Well ive been using norton antivius for a while now, but it seems that it cant sort out the problems its designed to do. After I run a virus scan (in safe mode) it picks up about 11 “viruses”, which include some tracking cookies, and some w32.bloodhound virus or something. So I go to the next step in the process which is to quarantine… all quarantine fail, so i click delete… all delete fail… does anyone else have this problem?


nope, the trick is to have NO viruses BEFORE you install NAV LOL :bigsmile: I have been using norton internet security for three years which acts as a firewall and has norton antivurus and prevents the viruses before they have royally f*ck your computer like NAV does. Try trend micro’s anti vuris software, they are pretty good.


Have a try with this:

I stopped using Norton back last year sometime, it became too bloated for my tastes…now I just use an anti-virus/firewall combo that I get free from my ISP, seems to do the job fairly well - I always do a Trend Micro scan afterwards to be sure, though.


Edit: LOL, gregtherotterius beat me to it on the Trend Micro thing. :bigsmile:


lol, my hard disk is too BIG to just rely on a simple thing. The reason why norton has become bloatware is because it watches every single thing your computer does. Iv’e got 1 gig ram now so i dont notice any lagging. It takes an hour to scan 120 gigs of files and i hate doing it so i gont mind norton internet security :cop: .


it could be that im using the 2003 version. Im using it because my dad bought the program for our old computer and it refused to work (not suprising with a 6gb hard disk and 128mb of ram), however it should work as because it hasnt been installed on any other machine i still get free updates for the next 2 years.


I must admit, I do miss Norton’s Script Blocking option. Made things so much…easier. :slight_smile:

And my own HDD is 120 gigs…tiny by today’s standards, I guess. But it’s all my BIOS will support :sad:


lol, poor you…poor me :bigsmile: my laptop’s hard disk is 40 gigs, my external is 160 gigs.


Norton is old news i’m suprised some ppl still use it. Why dont u try NOD32.


the expected trash talk about Norton
agree that older versions were resource hungry and could slowdown your system. but the more recent versions are not better/worse then the rest of the programs out there. and if you want an even lighter program use symantec antivirus.

personally i use the symantec antivirus 10 and have no problems with it. have it configured it scans every file i touch and dont notice any lag.


there is a noticable lag of say two seconds when opening documents say with MS word for example, when comparing the speed with it off, but it doesnt bug me.


last week I had to go repair a pc that had symantec installed, the pc had been taken over by a heap of viruses. The guy said “oh I have symantec installed it found nothing”. So I installed AVG alongside it and ran a scan with symantec, Symantec just scanned away finding nothing, while AVG was popping up every couple of seconds with viruses all up there were 14 viruses on this pc symantec was supposedly protecting.


can say the the same thing about AVG
atm there is just not a single program that catches all viruses. what get caught by one program might get skipped with another program and the other way around.
symantec isnt perfect, but AVG or any other scanner isnt perfect either.


I’m not sure why the Symantec suite needs to install the number of services it does upon a default install. I’m also not sure why it needs sooo many running processes. I do know there are other solutions available that use far less resources and will do an equal if not better job, all things considered.

Realistically, any solution is better than none at all. As long as the person is happy with the ‘protection’ they’re receiving, it doesn’t matter which vendor is utilized.


Try running in Safe Mode before scanning for viruses




spits on Nortons and hugs NOD32 tight

I’ll never use another norton product ever again. OK, Ghost, but that’s it. :wink:


I only have one thing to say about AVs " Kapersky " the best.


Hi :slight_smile:
If you take a good look around the forums you’ll see that Norton has lost a lot of users in the last couple of years. However if you replace it you do need more than just an antivrus/firewall combination on its own. AVG & Avast antivirus s/w both free & just about adequate. Which is good bearing in mind their free. If you install both (this can give headaches to say the least). After one has scanned & found for example 3 virral infections which are dealt with satisfactorily. Then you run the other (no internet connection during this period) it’s very likely that you’ll find another virus or two not picked up by the first. The same can happen with spyware/trojans etc. I assume this relates to some sort of priority that the different manufacturers make.
Norton in its aim to be all things to all users has become bloated & resource hungry. Also like many programs that try to hard, it has ended up with more holes than the Titanic.
Get a good antivirus. AVG/Avast are OK as far as the free side of it goes. Nod 32 is excellent if your going to pay.(I’m sure there are others, but these are the ones I’ve had experience of). But add to this a decent spyware/trojan/pop-up blocker/firewall. A lot of these can be free & you don’t necessarily run all at the same time.


My pc was always bogged down when i used norton. Now i just use AVG and Zone Alarm. They are free and i never get any viruses. So i’m happy.


I’ve always had good luck with Norton knocks on wood desk. The only thing I don’t like about the new version is the God awful Norton Protection Center :Z . Thankfully, the service can be easily disabled. :wink:

I admit that on older, slower PC’s, trying to run Norton is typically a fool’s errand. On my kids PC (a PIII-550 box, with 384MB RAM) Avast is the way to go. I’d hate to even think of what NAV 2006 would do to it after how painful NAV 2003 was on it.