Norton 2010

I downloaded Norton 2010 a few months ago and it worked fine. A few weeks ago it crashed, blue background with white letters, so I restored it back three weeks and it worked ok but Norton wasn’t working. I put the disk back into the tower to try downloading it again, but it would tell me that I should remove recent downloads or that something wasn’t updated recently. This happened twice.

I use Windows XP and my computer is a Dell Dimension E310. I was using the safe mode for awhile.

Jim Grucza Email: [edited out] is the person who sent me this problem. I suggested using the Norton Removal tool and do a clean install. The only other option I would use, format the hard drive and start fresh.

I would appreciate any help. Thank you.

Just use the Norton Removal Tool to get rid of any Norton/Symantec product on the system.

Personally i don’t advice Norton tools, too much hassle in the past. But i can imagine you want to use your license, so get to Symantec SUpport and explain them what happened.