Northern Europian with BTC 1116IM Burner Look here

I’ve now experienced that burns with a BTC 1116IM on CD-R media named “Mr. Platinum” is a very bad combination, so don’t buy those CD-R if you use a BTC 1116IM. Somehow the media aren’t compatible with the burner.
If you know any other medias (CD-R) that aren’t comaptible with the BTC 1116IM please post it here, would like to know if there are other brands i should avoid wasting my or any one elses money on.

regards BTC1116IM user…

Platinums are cheap media, in case of reliability VERBATIM media should be choice #1.

I’ve also had execellent results with Memorex cd-r’s…
They also seem to live up to a surtain standard.

A warning sign is when the disc says it can be burned at 52X and your burner only accepts it at 40X… I found out it said that with all my “Mr. Platinum” discs, and they clearly stated that it could be burned at 52X…
Well just a little tip.

While that media may be cheap its also down to the fact that the BTC drives arent that great to start with anyway. Also have you tried updating your firmware to see if this increases compatbility.

Yes yes i’ve done it all, and i’ve gotten all help i needed. And i have solved my problems with the burns. This thread was only and infomartion thread to other BTC DRW 1116IM users, that may be able to buy the specific media “Mr. Platinum” and if there where others who have had simular problems with other CD-R medias that other users should not burn with.