North American Operation Flashpoint Gold Edition flaw



Why I couldnt play Operation Flash Point.

North American Operation Flashpoint Gold Edition flaw
The master disk for the North American version of Operation Flashpoint Gold Edition contains a flaw that prevents it from loading. This problem does not affect the Gold Upgrade or any other version of Operation Flashpoint in any territory. When Codemasters discovered the problem they immediately withdrew the product from sale throughout North America. A new, correct, master has been created and perfect product will go on sale across North America next week. For those that have already bought the flawed disk Codemasters have implemented a replacement system. Any legitimate owner should contact Codemasters customer service in the USA, who will make quick security checks before sending out a replacement disk.

I still dont know why I couldnt play MOHAA without NOCD patch proably also had a copy protection flaw I allready returned it