Norman Personal Firewall


Does anyone have some experience with this firewall? Any comments / suggestions / links are welcome.



Nope, never heard of, though it is one of my favorite topics. :rolleyes:


“Lavasoft (you know: Ad-Aware SE) entered into strategic partnership with Norman. For Norman, the partnership is a strategically important supplement to the existing and extensive product range in the areas of antivirus, antispam and personal firewalls. The agreement with Lavasoft emphasizes Norman’s strategy of establishing alliances in order to be able to deliver better protection to existing and new customers.”

“The firewall fared well against the tests at Gibson Research Corporation (, showing some of the test computer’s ports as stealth while others just closed. It also passed LeakTest v1.2, which checks if spyware can get out through a firewall. Active-X, Java-/VB-Scripts, Java Applets and cookies can also be managed.”

I just realized that you speak German. There are a lot of reviews on this software, but I would recommend first of all