Normalizing twice


Searched all over but couldn’t find the answer to this question … What happens to the quality of music files that have been normalized twice ?
You’re wondering, why would he do that. Well, some burning programs don’t seem to normalize very well and I can detect
subtle differences in volume which I find annoying.


Probably best to ask this in the Audio forum Glasspolish, so I’m going to move it in there, but leave a redirect in the Newbies.

Before doing any kind of data altering, I would make sure to have an original backup copy, this way when you do edit and or alter i.e normalize, you still have the original file…That said, yes in theory you do lose quality every time you alter a file, because you’re altering the [I]original[/I] audio [I]data[/I]…Now, will you be able to hear the difference(s), I don’t know try it and find out, none of us share ears…:wink:
What burning apps have you tried?..There’s also Replaygain stored in tag info which the sw audio player reads and adjusts volume according to that information…At least this method is not destructive to the original audio data, and only used during playback…

Thanks guys :slight_smile: Looks like I’m stuck with some kind of normalization if I want to use the CD player in the livingroom. It’s not too old (2007)

I know people that run a lot of filters on voice for voice acting purposes and they often normalize several times.

I guess in theory some quality is lost but I think audible quality loss is probably not really happening so much.

If your in a scenario where you need to normalize something a 2nd time, its probably better to take what ever theoretical hit in quality you may get from normalizing it again than it is to have the volume/levels too low.