Normalizing audio in mpeg/avi clips

I was wondering if someone out there has an easy fix for this.I have a huge collection of music videos from dvd/torrent downloads/recording off cable etc. I want to make a few dvd’s with all these videos but the audio levels is completely different on every video.I tried using adobe premier but you can increase the audio but I don’t know what I am increasing it to be equal to the rest.Ive tried mencoder but then again there is no set level to normalize them all.Ive tried pinnacle studio 10 which is a pain in the but to even open some of the formats.Ive tried aviutil and a few other apps to no avail.I need something like when you burn a cd with nero, the normalize feature works ok to give you a equal level of all the tracks from miscellaneous sourcesfor the final cd.Is there an app that I can just run the videos through to normalize all the audios to the same level with not comressing any video, if not ,then which is the easiest app to split encode and rejoin the audio/video.Any help would be appreciated.

TMPGEnc version 4.0 is the program to achieve the above. It has a filter screen that lets you normalize the whole batch of videos, and clean them up visually also. Thanks to the “chef” I have my answer.