Normalize audio in video clips

I was wondering if someone out there has an easy fix for this.I have a huge collection of music videos from dvd/torrent downloads/recording off cable etc. I want to make a few dvd’s with all these videos but the audio levels is completely different on every video.I tried using adobe premier but you can increase the audio but I don’t know what I am increasing it to be equal to the rest.Ive tried mencoder but then again there is no set level to normalize them all.Ive tried pinnacle studio 10 which is a pain in the but to even open some of the formats.Ive tried aviutil and a few other apps to no avail.I need something like when you burn a cd with nero, the normalize feature works ok to give you a equal level of all the tracks from miscellaneous sourcesfor the final cd.Is there an app that I can just run the videos through to normalize all the audios to the same level with not comressing any video, if not ,then which is the easiest app to split encode and rejoin the audio/video.Any help would be appreciated.

I believe you could do that with TMPGEnc easily.
It also can do it as a batch job. :wink:

Why not use ffdshow’s normalizer which works on the fly?

I will give them both a try and let you know, thanks.

TMPGEnc seems to be doing the trick.It took me a while to find the filters screen that has additional settings for audio normalization but this can do alot more than that.There are tons of settings in the 4.0 version.I will have to putz around in the manual to figure out it’s full potential.Iv’e been resaerching this for weeks and got a bunch of bs from other forums which had me install 20 different programs and plugins and then uninstall them because they did not work.With all that I had to restore a drive image because of all the conflicts.I wish I would have stumbled here the first time. Thanks a bunch!

                                             P.S. I guess thats why you are rated guru

Not really, in this forum you’ll get such a title automatically only because of the amount of posts…