Normalising mp3 volume



Hi guys,i wanna back up a lot of old records onto disc what software can i use to batch normalise,ie(volume the same for all tracks)i can probably get it without the software but i dont want to have to keep turning the volume up and down for each track after the cd has been burnt,when i convert the mp3’s to WAV how do i name the tracks so they show up on a cd player and not just track 1 to x


duno about normalizing, but you cant tag the file info into the cd.


you can burn in DAO mode with cd text enabled, but your player must support reading of cd text for it to work. A great normalizer is Mp3Gain. It is lossless because it makes the changes to the files directly, without re-encoding them, so your quality remains the same. You can simply add all your mp3 files into the program, specify the dB you want, and hit track gain and it will do it for you.