Normalising entire playlist volume?



I created a DJ session by Beatmatching a lot of songs and then saving it as a playlist but my DJ software doesn’t really have a “normalising” volume feature that I’m aware of and I notice that there are many instances where the volume is either high or low and not at all consistent, I’ve written to the developer for help but in the meantime, I would like to know if there is any other solution for this particular problem so I will be able to use it for other softwares.

After creating/beatmatching a “playlist”, is there anything out there that can normalize a playlist’s “volume” so it will be consistent from the first song to the last? If not, then what other possible solutions/ideas can anyone come up with that will help this situation please?


You can either merge all of the songs into one wav or mp3 and normalize in an audio editor, or do it one at a time in the audio editor.


If the files are MP3s then MPGain may help.

The files can be done individually with Track Gain or they can all loaded and analyzed then processed with Album Gain.

This is a lossless process.