Normal to see rings on most dvds burned with benq 1620?

Hi, I have had the BenQ 1620 for a while now and it’s one of my best burners, but something I have always wondered was that if it is normal to see rings on the burned side of a dvd. Is this normal or could this be a defect? Because I also own NEC 3500 and the burned side of a dvd burned with it doesn’t have these rings, it’s more consistent in color, unlike the benq.

I have NOT seen any rings on any of the DVD’s that I’ve burned on my 1620.

I have seen rings only a few times. Never on the BenQ, only with the NEC 2500A. It occurred on Ridisc media (RITEK G05). I believe the rings are where the drive has changed speed. the disks played back perfectly on my stand alone.

I don’t think it’s anything to worry about, but I am no expert… Others here may know better.


I burned alot of mcc003 and prodiscr03 and I always see rings on them, I also think it’s when the drive is changing speed etc., but I’m sure the NEC probably does the same think too but the burned side looks much more uniform.

I burn a lot of prodisc r03’s and I don’t have any rings whatsoever. These rings could only be caused by the laser power suddenly changing abruptly, and could well mean some sort of calibration problems within the drive.

Do these rings show up in CDSpeed as a sudden jump in errors?

What do you mean by “rings” exactly? The part of the DVD that is now “burned” or “written” on?


I’ve only ever seen these rings when using really cheap media on my NEC ND2510A as well. Never with the BenQ or NEC ND3500AG as of yet. My question would have to be, “What media are you using?”. If it’s really cheap stuff that may very well be the problem.

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@SonnyUnlocker, are you refering to the actual colour diference between burned and not Used disk surface, or several rings of different colour ?

I do not want to complicate things, it is just that when i burn a PARTIAL capacity disk (example, 2500 or 3500 Mb on a closed session disk), then the burned (INNER) part of the disk has another colour that the unused (OUTER) portion of this disk and i think this is normal.

I have used 2ea Liteon’s and (my star) 1ea BenQ 1620 and i have never seen anything that i could call Rings :rolleyes:

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Ok, i’m talking about a fully burned disk, the burned side of the disk, you know how you can tell the colour difference between the burned part and unburned part. well, let’s say the whole disk is burned but the burned part has different shades at different points in circles (rings). Is that normal?

Sorry M8, i have never seen that, I honestly do not know.

If and when time allows, could you kindly post a CDSpeed scan of such a disk please ?

(caughs) time to learn for me…

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I’ve seen this on CD’s (not enough experience with DVD’s to comment there),

It happened with a Phillips CD-RW, using CD-R media, on about 7 or 8 disks.

The disks read fine, but that drive did die on my a few months later (but that means nothing in this context - it was another issue).

Ive seen that before but I wouldnt call it common, I guess, I dont alway look at the bottom of the disc, its not the best way to tell if the disc burned well or not (lol), but if it plays OK then whats the problem?

I get the sam exact thing …I see it primary at the outer 1/3 of the disc …like a ring it has less dye change

I used always see this with the liteon cdrw…as the speed increased there were new rings…

I have a disc that is dvd-r that reports as 99 in CD/DVD nero speed …150 (3 is max)PIF but over 1 million PIE…

I have no idea of the significance…on occasion I do see a small spike in error at what I would guess is this area

My Liteon 811S does not do this…

The media I have seen it on is 8x dvd+r MCC03 Teon, 8x dvd-r CMC MAG AE1 Teon both are burnt at 12X

My Ricoh R01 4x@8x do not seem to do this

So I am not sure if it a media trait or my 12x burn speed

The burn on BenQ is general 95+ on +r

I use to see these rings with CMC or Ritek 4X media burned with the 2500 @ 8X. It always appeared to be at the point the write speed increased… I’ve never seen them on the 3500 or 1620, but I use MMC004’s or TY02’s with these burners so it may just be a result of media quality……

Yeah I see 1 ring on the burned surface of my MCC003 +r media, none on the fujifilm03 -r media.

that is exactly where I see mine…It clearly is media related…Also some discs it is much fainter than others

optodisc media 4x has several halos after burning on both benq and plex so i am sure it is cheap media related
(dye problem)

I agree clearly this is media related but I thought the MCC 03 were good media…not crap

I also see this kind of multiple rings in the CDs burned with my LG GSA-4163B drive,
so far I did not see this on any DVDs, Image attached is a Video CD burned on a SONY CD R (Not a Multissesion CD) I burned with it and this seems to occur evan in data CDs ,and it is seems to occur in all the CDs I burn now (since last few months), (I have been using this same drive for more than a Year now)

All the CDs work OK.

I do not know how bthis occurs?.