Normal to have holes in ide cables?

I just replaced my hard drive and I replaced the IDE cable that came with it, and I examined my old one and it had some small holes that went all the way through it and the new one didn’t have holes, and today I was replacing one of my burners and I also noticed some holes in different places, should I buy a replacement ide cable or is this normal? Thanks for any help.

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I’ve never noticed any little holes in any of my IDE cables, so from my POV - no, it’s not normal :wink:

I know that ribbon floppy cables have “holes” where a section of the cable is actually reversed. Never seen a IDE cables this way though. Recommend replacing with round cables to promote better airflow and a more asethically pleasing case interior.

yes it is normal some do have holes, These are cable select cables

This would explain why I don’t see any on mine :wink:

I use CS in the other machine, have to take a look at the cables over Christmas…

A bit more info on them if anyone wants to read

id personally stay away from rounded, but hey, I just didnt get as good results with my burns.

Sorry to here that. My burners (except my new Litey :a ) burn nearly flawless with TY and MCC.

Well that could explain it, all the drives in my computer were set to cs, I will take some pictures of where the holes are and post them in about 4 hours.

Best to use 80 wire cables that need no modification ans allow drives to run faster. They have dropped in price making them a better deal.


I have dozens of 80 wire cables from different sources and quite a few have a gap in the cable at some point. I have to assume this is normal as they are in a specific spot on the cable and there is no problem when using any of these cables.