Normal temp for P4 Prescott

Anyone knows what’s the normal temp for Prescott 3.0?

With original cooler and fan I was reaching temperatures around 80° C, which was pretty high. Now, with CNPS-7700 full copper installed, I have 50 to 65 (full CPU load). Is that okay or should it be lower?


That sounds like a normal temp for a Prescott as they run pretty hot, if you want you can actually get a little more fan speed by bypassing the fan speed controller and plugging the fan directly to the Mobo CPU fan connector.:slight_smile:

Actually, 65C under load is getting a bit toasty. Anything over 65C, the Prescott starts to engage thermal throttling (55C for a Northwood), and this can impact performance alot, especially the higher over 65 you get. It inserts idle clocks in the processes, in an effort to cool the processor, so needless to say, it slows you down. It also gives you zero indication that this is happening, sometimes people don’t even know it’s going on cause it may not slow you down to a noticeable level. Nevertheless, you are approaching the maximum heat that you should see, for a Prescott I wouldn’t feel comfortable with anything over 60C long term.

That’s a pretty good heatsink you have there, you should be running a bit cooler under normal circumstances. Two things I can think of thats keeping you too hot here.

One would be that your case is way too hot, you need good ventilation both intake and output. If all your processor has, is hot air to work with, it’ll run hot, it needs fresh cool air to work right. So check out your MB temp in addition to the cpu temp, they work hand in hand. I use either Speedfan or Everest to monitor my temps.

Second would be your thermal grease, I’d use some good stuff and that can help alot. Alot of opinion is that Arctic Silver 5 is the absolute best stuff you can use, it’s 99% pure silver and transfers heat very well. You can get it at various places including Fry’s if you have one nearby, not sure where you live. Follow the instructions also, too much is NOT good. One thing about applying new thermal grease, is that you have to make sure you completely clean the cpu and the heatsink, you need very flat clean surfaces for the magic to happen. :slight_smile: If you want to do some reading up on this stuff, you should go over to Not knocking this forum at all, but these guys live and breathe the beast we call temperature, it’s what they do. :bigsmile:

Well 65c is pretty warm for sure, That why I don’t have a prescott.:bigsmile: Just looked through the Intel page and it says the link has been removed for the P4 90mm Data sheet.:confused: Here is something I stumbled across.

65c is normal for a PrescHOT with that cooler. If I were you, I’d download throttle watch and verify that it’s not throttling. Some mobos’ temp sensors can be off by 7c or more, which would means you’re hitting 72c, but you said you saw 80c temps with the stock cooler. I dunno how your case ventilation is, but that can help BIG TIME. You want all the intake in the front, and exhaust in back. When possible, it’s better to have more intake than exhaust to avoid dust buildup everywhere. If your case doesn’t have at least a 120mm intake fan, there’s no good way to do that though. I would make sure you have at least 2 9mm exhaust fans with that chip. If not a 120mm blow hole on the top would be a good idea. Cooling those chips is a PITA. I have seen people get down to 60c with that cooler on that chip. If it’s not throttling, you really don’t have to do anything, but less heat = longer life for parts. :iagree:

I have that same cooler and I never get above 56C under full load. Btw, go to and tell those guys 65C is normal, it’s not, it’s pushing the limit if anything. Everyone there will tell you to not go above 65 if possible. Operating on the verge of thermal throttling is by no means normal, and I’m not sure why you would think it is. Thermal throttling by its own deffinition means “too hot”. Sorry, but your just not right about that, Prescotts run hot sure, but 65 IS when thermal throttling starts, and it’s an undesirable thing to happen. I have no idea where you get this about these temps being a normal thing for everyone, this guys cpu IS running hotter than it should.

And I’ve heard of mobo sensors being a little off, but the cpu one is taken directly from the cpu itself, trust me, it’s not off by 7C, no way. I don’t mean disrespect, but your telling this guy that running right AT the point of thermal throttling is normal and OK, it’s just not.

Abit motherboards CAN be off by more than 7c (some, not all).

Intel’s OWN COOLER let’s the CPU throttle in NORMAL conditions (defined by their own documentation).

I said he didn’t HAVE to do anything, but I suggested some ideas.

If the temp sensor is ON, it would be 5c away from throttling, and if it’s off, his temps are 58c. Not bad depending on the situation, which we don’t have all the info yet.

Let’s not get into an arguement, but we do need more info to know what’s going on for sure. :o

Are you positive that your H/S and fan are installed properly? Do you have a intake fan in the front and a output fan in the back of the case?
I have a Prescott 2.8 O/C to 3.0 with the stock Intel H/S and fan and right now the m/b is 30c and the CPU is 38c at idle.
Under full load running Prime 95 my CPU never goes over 50.c.
You should see if your h/s fan is installed OK with a good heat transfer compound ( Arctic Silver )
By the way 65c is way too hot.

Of course I don’t want to argue about it, no worries. :slight_smile: I know thermal throttling isn’t going to kill the processor, and I already told him that a small amount of throttling may not even be noticed. I guess some people view thermal throttling more critically than others, and I’m one of them. Personally I don’t want my Prescott to ever even reach 65, heat is the enemy. I mean nobody wants to run their processor slower than it should, even a little bit, and long term heat is never a good thing. I mean 65C is alot of heat, feel that heatsink, ouch!

Even with my stock heatsink I didn’t get above 65, but I have very good ventilation, and that was before any overclocking. With his heatsink, which is a good one, I just think he should get much better. I’m running that same heatsink, with a 3.2 overclocked to 3.84, and with vcore even turned up (which I’m sure you know causes even more heat). I never pass 56 (may jump to 57 for a min, then back to 56), even after hours of solid 100% cpu usage, and idles at about 40C. You’re right, he doesn’t have to do anything, but I would.

I still think he either has a case temp problem, or he used 2nd rate thermal grease (or didn’t remove the old stuff completely, or applied the new stuff incorrectly, like putting too much or too little). One thing I know, when you clean the old thermal grease or pad or whatever was on there, you need to get it all off. Once you think you have it all off, clean it again lol, sometimes you can’t see it but it’s still there. And make sure you’re using something that will clean it, some cleaners you can clean over and over and it won’t get everything. Even just a tiny tiny bit left over can block your heat transfer, and can totally screw your temperatures. Again deer slayer, I wasn’t trying to argue and no disrespect, but to me and many others, thermal throttling is completely unacceptable. To some others, maybe they don’t care, as long as it doesn’t get really bad, I just don’t agree with that though. Running a little over half the temp of boiling water is hot enough for me, no hotter please. :slight_smile:

I have a prescott 3.0 also. I have the original heat sink that came with the processor. I usually idle around 49-50 and under load around 60.

Almost winter now. :slight_smile:

I added arctic silver 5 to it. After a couple of weeks the temps went from 60 to 50 in idling. Probably because of the increased performance of thermal grease after some time being used (as the manufacturer says). CPU is 15% overclocked. In defualt frequency the temperature is around 43C, at full load 57. 15% OC -> 50 in idle, 60 in full load.

Hello, I was also wondering, since I am using a P4 3.40Ghz Prescott core what would the normal temp be, I am using a zalman copper heatsink fan. My idle temp is around 40-43©, is that good or bad?

[QUOTE=mivanx77;1943345]Hello, I was also wondering, since I am using a P4 3.40Ghz Prescott core what would the normal temp be, I am using a zalman copper heatsink fan. My idle temp is around 40-43©, is that good or bad?[/QUOTE]

Two year old thread :eek:

Yes, your temps are just peachy.

I just noticed that, lol. Thanks!!