Normal temp for p4 2ghz?

Does anyone have any idea what the normal temperature for a pentium 4 2.0 ghz processor is?

Also when looking on the internet i have seen people being told when attaching the temperature sensor for the cpu, they should attach it to the heat sink which is what i have done. Is this correct?

My p4 (2,4ghz) goes from 30°C-38°C (normal working mode, cd burning, word etc) and from 40-49 °C (ripping dvds, cutting films etc.). I’m using a Arctic Cooling Super Silent 4 PRO, very cheap and i think it is sufficient for a “normal” p4 (2,0-2,8) cpu.

well u can install this software Intel® Active Monitor, if u r using intel-pentium board …this software usually comes with ur intel cd of motherboard …this software will tell u temp for cpu,board,fans…etc

Dono know what setup you are on, but my system monitor shows this when idle.
Prescott 2.8@3.2

My “Thermaltake P4 Spark 7” instructions indicated placing the temperature sensor on the bottom of the heat sink while ensuring that the sensor does not get in between the heat sink and the processor and doesn’t touch the processor.

This fan/heat sink combo is loud but does the job. I have a prescott 2.8ghz w/hyperthreading and they tend to run hot from what I’ve read and experienced. 53 degrees C.