Normal performance for a BenQ 1620?



I’m a complete newbie to burning and could use some much appreciated help. I just purchased my first burner from newegg which is the BenQ 1620 OEM version that also came with an OEM version of Nero. I knew a little about the drive and flashed it to the retail version and then the newest firmware B7U9. I used dvd shrink to copy a dvd I own(Resident Evil) and the encoding took around 15 minutes. Proceeded to burn and that took an hour on a Teon dvd-r at 12x according to dvd shrink… The performance has been pretty much the same with a few other dvd’s I burned as well. Is this normal? Could I be using the program wrong? I keep reading posts where I see people claiming they’ burned things in around 6 minutes or so… How can I get results like that? Please help me out for I know not what I do!


Welcome Grae,
If your Firmware update was successful your burning time should be a fraction of what you stated above.Give some information on your system setup so we can try to eliminate the problem.


I’m on a 3.2 p4, 800mhz bus, with a gig of ram, and using xp home. I think may have determined the problem by searching through the forum. My dma for the drive is turned off… Should this be inabled? If so, how do I go about doing that?

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Crap I just got done editing your first post and asking then telling you how to do it. But the damn thing didn’t take, just the link. So I’ll try again. Go into device mgr and click on your IDE controller. Try to roll it over there. That probably won’t work but it’s the easiest to start with. If not, un-install that drive, shut down and reboot. If that doesn’t do it for you then start doing system restores one at a time untill you get it back. Be patient, it can be a pain in the ass. I’d suggest doing a restore back to the first day before you installed the drive that you can.



Yes DMA should be enabled…Go into device Manager then expand Ide ata/atapi controllers.You should see Primary/Secondary Ide channel…under primary Ide channel go into advance settings and select tranfer mode set this to DMA… repeat for Secondary. Reboot system and all should be ok.


Hey Grae…

You should check on the BenQ forum on this site and see if this drive is one that needs an 80 wire IDE cable. Also make sure that your jumper on the drive for Master, Slave, & Cable Select match the drive you replaced.



With GREAT LUCK Ivanhoes way could work. But a lot of times they become very stuborn in getting it back. Thats where System Restore comes in handy. I say this from experience from 3 weeks ago. Had the same damn thing happen and that was the only thing that saved me.



When I’m in the device manager the current transfer mode is set to PIO and I’m unable to change that. How do I go about uninstalling the drive? Do you mean taking it out?


No. Right click on the 1620 DVD drive above the IDE connections. This will bring up a box with the option to un-install. Left click on that and say OK when it asks if your sure you want to do this. Then do a complete shutdown. Re-start and once it restarts, windows will recognize the drive again and reinstall it. HOPEFULLY under DMA. If not, then its time for the system restore routine unless someone else has another idea.



Uninstalling the drive didn’t work. If I go the routine of system restore, won’t I just end up with same end result having to reflash the drive and such, or will the updated flash stick? Thanks for all the help guys, I really appreciate it.


System restore did not effect my F/W. Just the puter system. Doesn’t seem to effect the eprom in the drive.



Finally found the source of the problem. For some reasont the drive was switched to off in my bios. Set it to on and now dma shows. One of the most frustrating nights I’ve ever had…



Glad that you found it-

Now - go back to the Control Panel - Devices - Secondary IDE - and be sure that the DMA is turned on - if so - then you are good to go-

Happy Burnin’



Much better now! It takes 7 minutes to burn a movie now at 12x and it’s not taking up 100% of my cpu usage. Still, is it normal for dvd shrink to encode a dvd for 15 minutes?


depending on the amount of compression and what you removed…yes.