Normal Keyboard on a PDA

Hi Guys,

I’ve been browsing the web for ages looking for a normal keyboard (not one of those foldables) to connect to a pda. (bluetooth or cable doesnt matter)

At the moment i’m actually thinking of buying an old keyboard and a foldable one and combine them.

Do any of you have an idea if the keyboard i’m looking for excist or if it is possible to combine the 2 keyboards.



does the pda have a USB connection?

I use a Labtec wireless desktop 800 with my notebook (smaller than most others).

i don’t have it yet because i need the two together to work, but there are enough pda’s with a usb port, but i heard that you cant just connect any keyboard to a pda because of master/slave usb ports.

i’m going to run windows mobile 5.0 or higher on it, maybe that info is helpfull for next reply’s