Normal for Lite-On CD-RW to choke on enhanced CDs?!?

I have a Lite-On 52/24/52 CD-RW drive, and it seems to be having some trouble with enhanced CDs. When ripping with EAC, the very last track of normal audio, right before the enhanced portion, always has an error at the very end of the track, resulting in 99.9% of the track being ripped properly according to EAC. When I run Nero CD-DVD Speed (the one packaged with Nero 6), the Disc Quality check gets to the enhanced portion and then gives an error, and ScanDisc reports both the enhanced “track” and the last real track right before it as Damaged.

I can play the CDs fine, and rip them fine (that last error notwithstanding, but it’s in literally the last milliseconds of the track, so it’s completely unnoticeable), and I can view the enhanced data through Windows explorer like normal. I’m just wondering if this behavior is normal for my drive or not?

My Pioneer 111D DVD-RW drive can run Nero ScanDisc without problems and reports that everything is good. But it also can’t read C1 error data, I’m not sure about C2 data, and it generally handles CD reading much much looser than the Lite-On CD-RW does. So the DVD-RW is not a great comparison tool for seeing if my CD-RW drive is working as expected or not.

No problem with my SOHR-5239V CDRW drive, and no problem with my SHM-165P6S DVDRW. May the disc you have is copy protected and your Litey has problems with that.