Normal 165p6s noise/vibration?



I’m trying to decide if my drive is broken or not. Everytime the computer first powers on, the drive spins up really suddenly and only for an instant, regardless of whether or not a disc is in. Is this normal?

It’s also very loud when reading CDs and it really really vibrates.


Ok, I’m more convinced this drive is bad. CDs and DVDs that are read perfectly in other drives are now being reported as having lots of damaged areas. Is this drive available at any local stores? Best Buy, Compusa, etc? If possible I’d like to get one and see if the same thing happens.


Check the DMA setting in Windows Device Manager. Access My Computer, Properties, Hardware, Device Manager, IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers, select the controller where your drive is attached to, Advanced Configurations and check if DMA if available is selected in Transfer Mode. If not, select it.

Then access Liteonit site and download the last firmware available (MS0M) and execute it to flash your burner.

My 165P6S doesn’t noticeably spin when the computer first power on.


I’ve forgott one thing. Check in the Bios, under Boot Device Priority, if your burner is selected as the first device in the boot sequence. If it is, change the selection in order your HD be the first one in the boot sequence.


Yeah, it has the latest firmware, DMA is on, and it’s not the 1st boot device.

When it first powers on it spins up and I hear a really quick clicking or tapping noise.

I’ve now tried recorded media and also regular media. Everyone shows damaged areas, or i get an unreadable error.

Thanks for the suggestions.