Alright, so here’s the story. I flashed recently a Norcent RW-521. It was the wrong bloody firmware version, and now the drive is dead. I’m sure you guys get this all the time with some idiot who has made this mistake. I have a link to the firmware update program, and it would be gravely appreciated if someone were to extract the binary from this .exe flash program. The flash program is some generic flasher that I’ve seen benq drives uses, it’s called “Flash 1.41”. Here’s a link, please help, I cannot find in a hex editor anything that seems suspiciously “firmware-like”.


What are you hoping to do with this. You cannot reflash your DVD, throw it in the can and buy another one. You might call norcent and see if they know of a problem and explain what happened. They might issue you an RMA. Depends what type of mood you catch them in, or some manufactures will reflash it at the factory for a fee.


well the idea is that I’m going to use mtkwinflash, which allows me to erase the firmware, so there’s a good chance it will work. I just need to extract the .bin raw firmware file from this exe. Of course, I have no idea what firmware looks like when in hexdecimal, so I dunno where to look to find the bytes to extract.

I will never again buy a Norcrap product!!! Check this out and you’ll see why. Your better off with a liteon, infact (in the US) the Lite-On - CDRW10 is $34.00. :cool: