Norcent 481 CR-RW

This drive appears to be a re-badged Benq 4816P. Can anyone shed any light on it’s compatability with CloneCD?

It’s bound to be like the previous models in general. Can write SD2.4x, some can do 2.51.020 but none can do 2.51.021, can’t reads subs, (in the main) and can’t defeat PSX LibCrypt.

Not really a CloneCD companion, eh?

I felt the same way but then I read this.

(But, then I see the 4816p is out and I’ve read its based on an entirely different chipset, and writes using CAV technology and not Z-CLV technology like the 4012p unit. Liteon shareholders won’t like to see the results published on

since it shows that to all intents and purposes it is equally as fast as the LiteOn LTR-48125W. )

Does this change your thinking?

Well, I see you answered your question :wink: I didn’t really have any ‘thinking’ at the time, just a “ho-hum…another Benq”.

New chipset spells f-u-n but speed doesn’t concern me unless it can kill protections :stuck_out_tongue: