Norbit to mobile phione no luck

dvd fab keeps crashing when trying to copy norbit to mobile phone(sony ericsson 800i) i have tried 1 pass 2 pass and keeps closing… btw i have ver

Any error codes? Try copying it as a DVD to a HDD file using Main Movie or Customize to see if it errors out that way. If that works, use that file as a source for the Sony conversion.

yes that is what i am doing it is all ready on my hd from movie only…the way i got it to work is instead of saying it is sony erricsson phone 810i I selected the samsung d600 it is still a 3gp file with resolution of 320x180(better res that the sony 176x96)

what is a 3gp and a 3g2 file will the sony only play 3gp extention