Norah Jones - feel like home ... cd protection?


What protection is on this CD ( Norah Jones - feels like home )
, and how can I make a backup with Plex24 and CloneCD. Is this disk protected with Laserlock or Protect Ring ?

Check it w ClonyXXL & report back, pls.

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Check it w ClonyXXL & report back, pls.


hi there ! Why do you use German in CloneXXL ?
Pls, don’t get me wrong, nothing’s wrong w that, just wonder why not English ?

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Cactus DS200 & Feurio

Btw, I’ve copied [COLOR=blue]CDS 5.00.160 the same way.[/COLOR]

Hi Bo,

you are right. Fixed now. :slight_smile:

A question: the right-side scan is
a different program?



Originally posted by BoSkin
Why do you use German in CloneXXL ?

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is a different program?

Yes, it’s [COLOR=blue]Swiss Scout - EasyScan 2.4 ( w ASPI )

N-joy ![/COLOR] :wink:

Thanks Bo!


I have discoverd that The Norah Jones Cd feels like home can be copied into a useable fromat by using a HP Dvd/Cdburner this finshed disc has no copy protection and can be ripped into MP3 format using digital audio rippers.
Also allows the copies to play in any form of cd player around.

It’s easy to copy using dBpowerAMP MC

:bigsmile: lol :bigsmile: , U are all jokers :iagree: , I simply used nero ultra 6, went to rip cd, and set the output to *.wav, and then burned to cd, damn! worked for me :iagree: