Nook Tablet restricts owners to 1GB of usable storage



Nook Tablet restricts owners to 1GB of usable storage.

[newsimage][/newsimage]A frustrating quirk of the new Nook Tablet has been uncovered. It seems that of the 16GB of internal memory on the device ,only 1GB is freely available to users. This means anything you don’t download directly through Barnes and Noble or one of the devices approved apps is limited to being stored on a total of 1GB on the device.

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a bit late with this story aren’t you


Baaaawwwww…I have a Nook Tablet and have to pay a whole $8.00 for a 4Gb MicroSDHC Class 4 memory card. Dude, you have obviously drunk the Amazon Kool-Aid, and your reasoning is seriously impaired.

Come on - just the fact that you can ADD MEMORY to the Nook Tablet nearly makes it by default the superior machine. They were smart to double the memory available on the Kindle (duh, a point you fail to grant any weight to) and smart to reserve the lion’s share of the storage to their own applications and downloaded media. The fact that the cost of MicroSD memory is now at or below $1/Gb makes it a no-brainer. You’ll pay $20 for a B&N screen protector, and $35 for a nice case, right? $35 would buy you a -32Gb- storage upgrade, making your Nook Tablet capable of -40Gb of digital storage-.

The title of this post stating that the Nook Tablet “Restricts Owners to 1Gb of Usable Storage” is disingenuous at best and an outright lie at worst.

Not to mention that adding my own book library to the Nook Tablet was a breeze, as it accepts any book in ePub and PDF formats. Drag-and-drop simplicity makes it easy to transfer your own pictures, music collection, and HD video right to your Nook. Literally took me a couple of minutes to transfer nearly 4Gb of data to my Nook Tablet.

None of this silliness of having all my stuff in ‘the cloud’ for me, dude - all my stuff -is in my Nook-. And I’m not tied to Amazon (or B&N, for that matter.)

And I’m sure not ‘restricted’ to 1Gb of storage space.


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seems to me the fire is beat by micro sd 50 bucks more for nook gets you option of unlimited gb’s with micro sd’s am i right about that? if so i’m goin with the nook.