Nook 3G now $199, Wi-Fi version released at $149

Nook 3G now $199, Wi-Fi version released at $149.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Barnes & Noble began the week by announcing a new lower-priced Wi-Fi-only edition of its Nook e-reader, with a price cut announced for the 3G version.

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The iPad just killed all of these book readers, like the Kindle, and now this.

Even I myself wouldn’t pay that much just for something I could only use to read my book collection.

People aren’t going to want to buy it for that reason, they want electronics that have everything built in, to appeal to the consumers, like cell phones are now Cameras, Media Players, Messengers, Web Browser, Play games and run applications.

So I really don’t think this will sell well. :confused:

My wife has a Nook and loves it.