Noobieieie here! IDE Drives?

i downloaded a torrent…installed it fully and was ready to play when all of a sudden a meassage came sayin insert disk, yes when i had read the READ ME file that came with the game, it said in the last one, ‘unplug all IDE Drives and play’! :doh: :confused:
but im really new to this, i dont know what to do, is it inside the pc? or is it a file, please help me!
thanks alot guys! :flower:

Here is some general information about Integrated Drive Electronics (IDE).

If you are being directed to “Unplug all IDE Drives”, you are being directed to open your computer’s case and unplug the cable going to your drive(s). In my opinion, this is not something a beginner should be doing, especially to play a game.

vicky123, I suggest you go out and buy the game, which will solve you problem. cdfreaks does not provide help for illegally obtained software. :cop:

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