Noobie Questions about File Formats & DVD Burning



My new computer comes very shortly and I am using it mostly for Burning DVD’s/Movies. Can someone advise me on programs I want and which format the movies have to be in.

I was planning on getting:

  1. Nero 6 Ultra Edition
  2. PQ Dvd to Ipod or DVD Decryptor

Now, can you burn a playable DVD-R on a DVD player in MPEG Format? Or does it have to be ISO. If so, what program do I need to rip/convert a movie to ISO?

THANKS in advance. (I looked for tutorials but i suck at understanding it)



For ripping purchase AnyDVD by SlySoft. Also download a free copy of DVD Shrink. I would also suggest that you purchase CloneDVD 2 also by SlySoft. You use CloneDVD 2 to burn your movies that you have ripped to DVD-R’s or Dual Layer DVD+R’s.

DVD Shrink will work with most movies however; I have found that it can’t shrink them all. When I find that it can’t shrink a movie, I generally write the movie to a Dual Layer disc.

Shrunk or not, I always use CloneDVD 2 to burn my final product to a DVD.



Shrink and Decrypter are not being supported anymore. As a result some newer discs won’t play nice with them. Just search the forum and you’ll usually find your answer.