Noobie needs guidance

Hello all!

First of all, pardon my noobism; I’m new to all the dvd burning world and I’ve just bought a nec 3500AG, which has a 2.16 firmware.

I’ve read faqs and various posts on this forum but I’m getting confused: I haven’t burnt a dvd yet simply because I don’t know what media to use!

All the tests displayed here seem very informative but I find it hard to understand what they mean :confused:

I am very patient and willing to learn; can you point me in the right direction?

Whenever someone asks “What media do I use” without giving me any constraints, I always recommend:
Taiyo Yuden.

That being said…
Where do you live?

The NEC 3500A does very well even with cheap media, so find some media that you are considering, and let us know your options.
CMC MAG media burns excellent on the 3500A and can be found packaged as Memorex and Philips DVD+R/DVD-R.
FUJIFILM 8X DVD+R is either RICOHJPNR02 or YUDEN000T02, both excellent media.
FUJIFILM 8X DVD-R is either FUJIFILM03 or TYG02 or ProdiscF01. The first two are excellent, whereas ProdiscF01 are moderate quality and can be variable.

Great! Thanks for the reply wesociety :bow:

I’m living in London UK.

I’ll try some of the brands you mentionned for starters then I’ll check online where I can find reasonnably priced media and report here :slight_smile:

Thanks again :smiley: