Noobie DVD Authoring Question

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Thanks in advance, I have been a long time CDFreaks reader but have finally signed up!

I’m new to DVD authoring and I have been assigned the task of editing our company DVD. Basically we have a showcase DVD with an animated menu and 4 short vids.

I have been asked to replace the music on the 5 vids and thanks to these and other forums I have used PGCDemux, PGCEdit, IFOEdit and Adobe
Premiere to rip the vids from the dvd, put the new music on and recode it back to VOB format along with their new bup and ifo files (here lies the problem i think!).

The problem I’m having is that I don’t know how to get the vids working with the menu again. When I put the new files back into a folder on my PC along with the orignal menu firstly the menu buttons no longer act as buttons. Secondly if I use all the original files except the .VOBs the DVD works but each of the 5 vids is cut slightly short.

now I imagine that I haev created the .ifo’s and .bup’s incorrectly and need to use the menu somehow when creating these files but I have no idea how or which tools to use!!

If anyone knows how I’d be very appreciative, perhaps there is a better way entirely to change just the music??

Here is a list of all the files on my DVD for reference:

VIDEO_TS.VOB ±----------intro + menu files?
VTS_01_0.BUP |
VTS_01_0.IFO |

VTS_01_1.VOB } vid 1
VTS_02_0.VOB } 10k file
VTS_02_1.VOB } vid 2
VTS_03_0.VOB } 10k file
VTS_03_1.VOB } vid 3
VTS_04_0.VOB } 10k file
VTS_04_1.VOB } vid 4
VTS_05_0.VOB } 10k file
VTS_05_1.VOB } vid 5

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When you exported an modified the files , you lost all the connections to the buttons.
PGC and IFOEDIT should be able to rebuild connections, but you have to do it with commands.
If you have to do lots of DVD authoring, there are softwares to do that where you can reauthor DVD with menus. Most of them let you do simple authoring without much flexibility.
If your project should look little more Pro, than I would recommend to check DVD Lab Pro from Mediachance.

There you can import all your files including your motion menu file and create new DVD with menus, buttons, connections and all.
There is other software, DVD Remake Pro, but that one require commands and other software where you can create menu with text for buttons.

DVDLab Pro as [B]CDuncle[/B] suggests is a very decent, reasonably priced product that’ll probably do everything that most people could want.

Wonderful thanks a lot CDuncle and TimC, that’s perfect as I have been looking for a nice editor that can import the menu’s too.

I will see if we can purchase DVDLab Pro for this project as I’m sure it will be ongoing and I’d probably have a steep learning curve to understand suing the commands for PGC and IFOEdit.

thanks again,


Hi Mike
Glad to be of help. In DVD Lab you do not have to use commands, but it is also possible.
To get faster feel of it, this is there forum:

That’s a useful link. Thanks.