Noob with lots of questions

Hey everyone. I serached throughout this forum and still have a few questions. I found some anwsers, then found more that contradicted the first anwsers I found. So please dont be mad at me, im a stupid noob. Anyway, I want to get a Pioneer DVR 109. I have an xbox with sammy drive. want to back up my games onto Ritek G04 dvd-r. Some posts say it works, some say it doesnt. Where does it say “G04” on the Ritek/Ridata package? G05 supposedly doesnt work but im too scared to try (cant really afford it :sad: ). I have downloaded 8.40 firmware (i think its the "buffalo one). Will i be able to burn backups onto this media using this firmware? What are the odds of me screwing up the firmware flash, if its necessary at all? Sorry about the questions, im just really new to the dvd scene. just want to play backups so i can keep the originals in a box away from my little sister, ive lost many games to her :sad: . Sorry about the volume of questions. Thanx in advance. By the look of it, you guys (and gals) are the people to talk to about this stuff :bow: :bow: :bow:

I’m not very knowledgable about backing up games but perhaps I can answer a few of your questions, or maybe just one, the most important one, the media code. You say it doesn’t say such and such on the package (like g04). I’m guessing that you are buying online as you do not usally see ritek/ridatta locally. Reguardless, you can pretty much ignore what the label says. Brand is absolutlly meaningless (except for a guide to get a particular media code). Download this program and read the media code off the disks you have

Firstly if going to use GO4 and 5 use true Ritek branded discs, RiData, Traxdata Ritek. As to where it is commented on the packaging it isn’t as Go4/5 but as speed. GO4=4x and GO5=8x. I have used GO4 to back up friends PS2 games and they work.

As to screwing up a firmware flash, as long as you follow the instructions you should be okay, though there is always a rare chance of screwing up in any PC activity.

Actually the Ritek/Ridata DVD-R 4X are sold at my work. So I could probably ask for one and then test it out then buy a whole pack. Thanx for the advice. BTW would it be necessary to update the firmware to 8.40?

You would have to check with your DVD-RW manufacturer, there should be a compatability list to download in the same place as the firmware update, though this may not be the case with all manufacturers.

GO4 is a pretty old one now and so there should be no compatability issues, but check burning hardware forum to see if anyone has reported any with your particular make. I can’t actually say for your burner as I have an NEC 2500A and it burns almost everything I have put in it.