Noob with burning troubles

Hey I’m having trouble with my laptops inbuilt cd-burner. Last night i suddenly stopped recognising blank cds, BUT it recognised burnt cds. Anybody have any suggestions on how i can fix this?

I’v tried using different Burning software, but its actually windows that isnt recognising the blank cds. Restarting/switching off dont help either.

When i double click it informs me there is no disk in the drive.
The cd burner is in an advent 7011 laptop and is a QSI DVD/CDRW SBW-161 drive.

Any suggestions would be welcome, I’v got coursework I cant submit until I burn it on disk.

Originally posted by Mazen
[B]Last night i suddenly stopped recognising blank cds

but its actually windows that isnt recognising the blank cds.

When i double click it informs me there is no disk in the drive.
It shouldn’t recongnise the CD - there isn’t any DATA on it. Try burning anyway. It should work :slight_smile:

well usually the cd comes up as <BLANK> in my compuer. Its not, it just coming up with the name of my D:drive(what it does if i dont have a cd in the drive)

and Nero is stating that there is no medium in the drive. Any ideas how i can bypass this, or a different burner software to use(so long as they are reliable)?

Iv now tried different brands fo disk, just in case that had anything to do with it, but im still stumped.

After putting in your disk, go to My Computer and rightclick>refresh.

Just try burning it anyway - it might still read it.

I may be a noob to these forums but I know how to use a computer. Refreshing still shows no disk in my computer. And Nero doesnt seem to have an override, Nero is stating that there is no disk to burn.
Iv tried all these methods already. Im now starting to think that the laser may be weakened, but if thats the case it wouldnt be able to read ANY cds.

I use NERO Burning ROM6.3.0.2.

Any more suggestions would be very welcome.

Sorry if I’m being quite sharp but I need my work off my harddrive.

Was not implying that you couldn’t use one :). Have you installed anything recently that could change the settings?

I bet another person is going to come in here and save the day…:stuck_out_tongue:

This seems to be a common problem people complain about, suddenly the drive stops recognising blank discs but works fine otherwise. In my opinion it will be the drive at fault best way to confirm this is to take it out and try it in another machine but as it’s in a laptop that could be difficult. Things to consider / try;

[ul]Have you installed any cd recording or similiar software recently. If so uninstall and try again.
Re-install nero.
Check your ASPI layer with forceASPI, if unsure what that is just do a search in these forums for more info.
Try upgrading the firmware for your drive.
Try deleting the drive and the ide channel from device manager and rebooting.
[/ul]Personally when this happens to a drive I think its more to do with the burner at fault not software/hardware conflict. If you need more info just ask, and let us know how you get on.

Will anything youv suggested be liable to make my laptop blow up or decide to go crazy and stop working all together?

I hope not I’m just going to try and see!

Only upgrading the drive’s firmware is a bit risky.
This needs to be done in a controlled enviroment(ie dos), some flashers now run from windows. Flashing your firmware espiecially with a hacked firmware will void your warranty. So on your head be it.