Noob to DVD scans (PI/PO, etc.) please advise



Hi all

I’m a rookie and I own a Plextor PX-716A DVD burner and a Pioneer DVR-108 both… I have only done tests with my Plextor, because that is the one I want to make sure is okay…

I burned a Fujifilm Yuden 002 DVD+R full of various ‘things’ (files, not an image) and it was basically completely full

Then after the burn, I ran the Q-Check PI/PO or whatever the heck its called, and this was the result of that: 21443 PIE, 0 POF

Is this good? I need to make sure my drive is OK… What other tests should I take and post? Please advise!
Thanks in advance

edit: weird, the .png isnt displaying?




can anyone help me?


Indicating what the test is and giving it a better scale are usually good ideas.


Run NERO CD/DVD Speed quality test, and save the results as a png and post here. That will help a bunch.