Noob questions about DVD burning

I have some .avi & .mpeg files I would like to make playable on my DVD player. Do I just burn the files or do they have to be encoded like when you burn an audio CD from .mp3 files?

Is there a way to make your own menu? Something simple to give me the choice of which one I want to play.

For the first question…they can just be burned as regular data disc if your player supports those files (check the player manual).

Otherwise, they’ll have to be converted to a DVD-compliant format (I like ConvertXtoDVD for this, but there are free options also).

As for menus, hopefully someone else can advise you there as I eliminate them where possible :wink:

For a freeware menu creator try DVDStyler.I have only used it with .vobs.You might have to convert to those.

Convertxtodvd Is Great. Ive Been Using It For More Than A Year Now. One Thing Though. U Cant Get Those Aminated Menus Like Nero But The Quality Is The Best Ive Seen & The Conversion Time Is The Fastest Ever.

VSO ConvertXtoDVD is the bomb, even the high quality encode is real quick! Real easy to use, also has a burner also, but I tend to use Nero to burn with after I convert.

DVDFlick is a free program that should be able to use either your avi files or mpeg files and produce a dvd for you with a menu if you want one.

I seem to be inclined to do so as well, but if I decide to put 2 or more short flicks on a disk, I would rather have a simple menu than have to skip through to the 1 I want.

I have DVDStyler now & it looks fairly simple. I’ll have to read through the directions before I make any final judgements.

I obtained a copy of ConvertXtoDVD for evaluation but now I need to get DVDFlick for a comparison study.

I am going to have to agree that this program is dabomb. Although, I didn’t find it was all that quick. However, it was so easy to use, I was encoding after just a few minutes of exploring the buttons. Still haven’t read the directions. Which means I won’t be testing DVDFlick unless someone can provide a strong arguement for it.