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I am looking to free up hard drive space by compressing ripped films.
Is there any freely available software that is able to compress vob files.
Thanks in advance much appreciated.


Generally forum protocol limits discussing other software in one of the subforums.
So you may want to have a mod move this to " Movie copy software" instead of the DVDFab subforum.
That being said. If you have the full version of DVDFab it should compress to DVD5 or single layer size when doing the rip.The resulting folder or .iso would be 4.35 GB .
If you’re using the free after trial version then it only rips to DVD9 size basically the same size as the commercial pressed disc.If that is what you’re using then DVDShrink will compress that to the DVD5 size.
If you’re looking for going smaller I haven’t done that but there are softwares that will.
You will need the correct DVD player if you use those methods but they should play fine on your computer. They are XVID & DIVX & some newer ones.


Thanks for the reply and apologies for posting in the wrong section.


[QUOTE=MarkStelios;2511445]Thanks for the reply and apologies for posting in the wrong section.[/QUOTE]

No problem and welcome to MyCE. :flower:

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