Noob question: why 2 discs w/Gold?

Sorry for this newbie question but I did go thru a bunch of pages and did not find the answer. Is there a reason why DVDFAB Gold needs two DVD discs to reproduce contents of 1 DVD? w/o losing quality of course…


Most commercially-pressed discs have two data layers, holding up to ~ 9GB. If your DVD writer can only write to single layer discs (~4.5 GB) then you’ll need two discs if you want to keep everything without transcoding.

If your DVD writer can write to dual (or double) layer discs, then you could use just one of those, but at the moment, one DL disc generally costs a lot more than two SL discs.

But consider tossing some of the extras and/or give transcoding a go. I’m generally happy with the results (I use DVD Shrink, though), so you might be, too.

It is an extra option to use, but DL has been added also. You can buy 2 SL TY discs for around 1/2 a dollar verse 2 bucks for DL.


As noted DvdFab Gold does not compress so if the movie is double layer you will need to either use two discs or use a double layer disc with a double layer burner. DVDShrink was an excellent program but is not longer being upgraded which means it will not handle the latest protection schemes such as Sony is using on some movie DVDs. DVDFab Platinum Express Mode decrypts, compresses, and burns (via either VSO or Nero). Gold decrypts, splits the files if needed, and burns. DVDFab Descrypter just decrypts It does not burn. To burn a file after decrypting you may need to compress the files or split them up for two discs, and then burn.

I suggest that you use an RW disk for first burn or to at least watch the movie from the temp files on your hard drive. Chances are that your problem is with you DVD burner hardware or even more likely with the DVD blank discs that you are using.

BTW, I find that the compressed files using DVDFab Platinum in Express mode are excellent quality. I only use the Gold mode for movies that I consider collectible and want to keep to watch again and again.


All, thanks for the useful replies. I feel silly now for asking an obvious question…

You cant learn anything unless you ask questions ;)… or read other posts… but thats errelivent