Noob Question - what happens if the disc has unreadable sections


Always used DVD Decrypter before, but there are some discs I cannot rip due to read errors on the discs. So it was suggested I try this program instead. I have used it and it ripped the DVD successfully, but it did get hung up for a very long time in the same area as DVD Decrypter. So what does this program do in those situation where it comes across unreadable sections?


If the DVD is scratched it will insert a still picture from the last good sector. Make sure you watch your back up all the way through as you may not be entirely happy with the out come. If on the other hand its copy protection a dummy sector will be incerted and the navigation will be cleaned up. :slight_smile:

Hi ArtSluver
If you want you can use ISO Buster to recover the data from the bad sectors it will extract the files to your Hard Drive, you can find and download ISO Buster from HERE :bigsmile: it is not free but if my old Brain remembers right it has a trial period, comes in handy for me some times and is a good tool to have

DVDFAB Gold/Platinum (and possibly HD decrypter also, I don’t use it) let you customize the way read errors are handled in Common Settings–>Read. Their behaviour at bad spots and the visible result depends on how you have it set up and the extent of the damage to the disc. If you think it might be copy protection, post the name of the movie here and see what other users are finding and so the developers can fix it.

That type disc is problematic you better not use it.

The discs are Angel Season 2 and 3, most every disc.

Same problem with 24, season1, all discs except the first one.