Noob question - May have set DVD record speed to 1x by accident, now can't find the control... where to look?

Hi all. I have a Vaio with built-in CD/DVD player/burner (Matshita UJ-822Da).

Somewhere, last night, I think I set my CD/DVD drive settings for record from ‘fastest available’ to 1x. Now I can’t find where I did that to set it back to ‘fastest available’. Can you point me in the right direction to look?

I’m not seeing anything like that in the Device Manager properties settings for the Matshita.

If there isn’t a universal setting, it’s possible I did this in one of several on-board burning programs I was looking through. (If it was in one of those, would the setting change affect use of the device for all other burning programs or just that one?)



there is no global setting for the burn speed, since this is done within the application. There, you can set the speed for every single burn. After a reboot, the application might suggest a default speed that is the maximum speed the drive supports for the inserted media.