Noob question... (help)

Ok, I’m new at this, and after making one sucessful backup DVD, I am stuck on two more…

I used smartripper to rip the Matrix, then used DVD2One to compress it, and used Nero to burn it. Worked flawlessly, plays in all my players.

I tried the same with Brotherhood of wolves and Bourne Identity. Both are ripped sucessfully…both will play from the HD from the vob files, but DVD2One will not compress it.

I start the compress, I set the input directory, set the output directory to a valid directory/folder and it sees the episode.
I then check the ac3/6 ch and english subtitle…and start it.

In the end, DVD2One creates the vob ifo and bup files…except the vob file ends up being 0 kb and will not play, so burning them would be a useless waste.

Am I doing something wrong or is there some conspiracy to these movies?


What I do for my peace of mind is that for every full DVD I rip, I use IFOedit to “region free” all my IFOs in case there is any protection residue. If there was any present, I would then save that IFO. Also, for extra confidence, I press my Get VTS Sectors button. After that, I start my DVD2One procedures.

So what should I look for in editing the ifo? try and follow this it has worked for me on all my backups

Originally posted by BBA
So what should I look for in editing the ifo?


Okay, if you are referring you me saying “region free” in IFoedit, you don’t have to look for anything. IFOedit does it for you. Open up IFOedit, browse to your movie folder and open up your VIDEO_TS.IFO. Now press your “Get VTS Sectors” button and you’ll see all your remaining IFOs. Now starting with VIDEO_TS.IFO, press your “Region Free” button and you’ll get a pop-up message. If you get a message “No RCE checking found in this IFO” then that IFO is good and without protection. If you get anything other than that then IFOedit found some protection in your IFO commands. Press OK. Press your Save button. Press Ok to save BUP. Repeat procedure with the rest of your IFOs.

No regions were there. It just wont work, still get 0kb VOB’s. The funny thing is I can play each vob individually…so they should be able to be duped. Maybe deleting the ifo’s and creating new ones would work? Is there a tool to create new ifo’s?

Has anyone sucessfully backed up the Bourne Identity?


Yes there is ,

IfoEdit will do the job.

Open IfoEdit, select create ifo’s, select your first compressed vob in your folder. and let IfoEdit do his thingie.

Afterwards do the getvts sector.



I have backed up the Matrix and Bourne Identity without any problems but I use the Dvddecryptor in file mode and let it detect only the main movie. Then convert with DVD2one and use RecordNow V4.5 to burn. I have done 75+ backups successfully this way. I do not use Nero after trying numerous versions, (but not the very latest, 15a) all burnt successfully but would not play on one or the other of my several dvd players.
I did a lot of early testing with various inexpensive $1 media (-R)and had intermittent results. I especially found problems with playing back the last few chapters with the cheapest media. You could try it by reducing the overall size of the movie to 4.1 gig or so though if you have a pile of it though. I found the Samsung media (BeAll) to give very consistant results but only at 1x, it can be found for $1.50 and up in quantity and that is what I use.
I have DVDXCOPY and Instant Copy too, but DVD2one is by far the easiest and quickest and best for me. I recommend you read the posts here and in other similar forums, you can pick up some really good information and get a lot of help…Good luck!