Noob Question for burning

I just bought a game from a friend, and just bought Nero v6. I’m wondering how to burn the game to a cd. He told me just to follow the instructions from Nero and it’ll work.

This is an .iso file and it is 700+ MB. I haven’t tried it yet (I’d like to not have any mess ups and get it right the first time) but if this works, will I be able to play the game?

Thanks in advance.


You bought an ISO file ? Weird…

Anyhoo … just start nero , select the first menu and “burn image”

Yep, my friend said he copied it from his game (I know he has the game cause we played it at his place)…I didn’t think he’d ask for any $$ though…ah well, what can you do right?

Thanks for the info.


Just so I know what has happened here.

You purchased a game off of your friend who copied it from his original but didn’t copy it onto a disk for you and now you are trying to copy his ISO file to a disk so that you can play the game.

Did I get this right?

Just out of intrest what is the game?

The game is High Heat 2004.

I just recently got my burner so I’m new to this whole burning thing…is what my friend is doing wrong? If thats the case I’ll get my money back and give him back his game…

He can burn the game from his disk to a blank cd?

If thats the case then there should be no reason for him to have me do it…this is confusing, I’m going to be giving him a call. This doesn’t sound right.

I’m pretty sure that the image is ok, many images have a filesize over 700mb but burn just fine. Try it, and see if it works.

EDIT : Forgot to ask, do you know if the game has any copy protections? If so, the game will not run if youre friend just copied the CD with nero.

I’m not sure if I should make fun of you and then close this thread down or give you some helpful advice.

I thnk I will start off with the helpful advice and see how you take it.

  • [li]If this game has any copy protection on it the an ISO file just isn’t going to cut it. If you could just whack a CD in the drive and hit copy then this forum wouldn’t be here. (Yes I know about BlindWrite :p)
    [/li][li]You should slap your friend silly. You paid him for a copy of the game but he couldn’t even copy it for you to a working CD. Instead he gave you a ISO file and told you to get on with it. I take it he gave you the ISO file on a CD which he could have used to give you a working copy. Great friend.
    [/li][li]Finally the the most important part of this message.
    [/li]If you didn’t buy the game (and I DONT mean from your friend) then it is consider warez. Warez is where you have a copy of the game but havn’t paid the company who made it. Warez is bad for the games industry. It is also somthing which is not discussed on these forums.

The best solution would be to go and get your money off of your friend and then go down the shop and buy this game. This way the games company will know that people like the game and will continue to produce new versions of it.

You know it makes sense.

LOL I like the slap silly part! Geez…won’t he be surprised when I go and see him, and tell him I’ve been “educated” a little more on the subject!

Oh yes, I will get my money back! And I’ll take it and buy the friggin game with it!!

Thanks for the insight!

I’m happy I found these forums!



No problem. I am glad you have seen the errors of your ways.