Noob question! DVD-RW bitset to DVD-ROM?




I have burned a couple of DVD-RWs both at home (pioneer 111D) and at work (some Lite-on burner) but what got me is I no longer can erase/burn these discs in Nero.

I looked up their disc info and it says they are DVD-ROM booktype. DOH!

How did this happen? I don’t seem to have done anything unusual with these burns. I think I always check “Finalize disc” even with RW media and can later erase them. But not now. /Is it beacause of the DVD-ROM booktype or is it something completetly different?

Can anyone enlighten me what’s gone wrong there?

Thank you!


These aren’t DVD-RW but DVD+RW as it’s not possible to bitset -R media.

The Pio 111D is most unlikely to bitset them as it only does DVD+R DL media to DVD-ROM.

Do you have Alcohol installed as this is giving these type of problems with rewritable media?


Yes, turns out it was Alcohol indeed! :slight_smile:


Seems that Alcohol is both dangerous to the health of both humans & PCs these days.


Classic. :bigsmile: