Noob question - Do DVD writers need drivers?

Hi everyone

Sorting out a new writer for a friend … was about to buy a Pioneer from a local shop but they just sold out! Now they only have Lite-on and I’m slightly concerned about burn quality to DVD+/-R.

Plan B is to buy from internet e.g. BenQ 1620 OEM. Does Win XP include all the necessary drivers for writing DVDs using the noddy Windows CD/DVD facility (which is what my friend prefers to use)? The BenQ site only includes the firmware - no drivers or manuals are available.

Many thanks


DVD drives dont need drivers. Once installed the drive is recognised automatically.

Thanks Asid that’s the answer I was hoping for

Drivers are not needed, however you will need software to burn DVD’s.

Windows XP includes drivers that allow you to burn data to CD’s using several different drives but afaik you cant burn DVD’s using it.

Thanks for the warning qwakrz … an earlier thread recommended CDBurnerXP but I see from the ratings on the CDBurnerXP site that the compatibility is only 60-70% for BenQ 1620 and Pioneer 108.

Any suggestions???

I would get hold of Nero, best burning software I have used so far (Personal opinion).

I used to love EZCD by Adaptec but it got so bloated and posesive to the point that it stoped other programs working correctly that I ditched it & have never looked back.

If you are buying the drive I would see what kind of deal you can get, I know in the UK will sell a copy of the OEM version of Nero cheaply when you buy a writer.

Yup, can also recommended Alcohol 120%, great program :slight_smile: allows you to emulate images also, like deamon tools, burn, create images, and so on !

Not True. You can use WinXp to burn DVDs but only data. You cannot rip a movie with it. You can also use MovieMaker which is in XP to make video discs with your home pictures and music

I use CDburnerXP with my BenQ DW1620. It works quite well. You can burn video files, but they go to be in .iso format.