Noob question about NEC 3540A



Hi gang -
I just got my 3540A and a spindle of Memorex 16x DVD+Rs yesterday. I fired up both Nero and Roxio Easy CD creator and found that I could not select a DVD burn speed faster than 12x in either app. I’m using the stock firmware.
Did I pick crappy discs? Do I need a new firmware? I ran Nero CD-DVD Spped and the benchmark test reports my average burn speed as 11.05x
I’m new to DVD burning, so keep it simple!


Not all 16x media is burnable at 16x with the NEC, cheaper media is burned at lower speeds in order to keep the quality of the burns high. (This applies not only to NEC burners.)

In Nero CD-DVD speed, you can click on the “disc info” tab and check the MID the find out what media you are using and what write speeds are available for this media.


Ahhh. It seems the Memorexes I bought are “CMC MAG M01 (000)” which will burn at 4, 6, 8, or 12x. I guess they’re not the greatest discs in the world. I’ve got 49 more of them to get through :slight_smile:

Which discs will burn at 16x?

Thanks for the info.


They will burn at 16x with Liggy and Dee’s modified firmware. However, it is not garuanteed that the results will be good. You’ll have to try that for yourself.

Please note that flashing a modified firmware voids the warranty on the drive.


Hey scary… Welcome to the Forum. First off I’ll tell you to dump Roxio. It’s crap software and it REALLY can conflict with NERO. Nero doesn’t get along with it at all!! In fact I’m surprised you got it to download unless you did Nero first and then Roxio. If I’m not mistaken it’s InCD that has the conflict but just dump it. If you have the full Nero 6, that’s all you’ll need. Just make sure to go to the site and get all of the current updates for Nero. I suggest you stay away from Memorex media unless you can find a batch that is made in India. It’s not common but it is out there. This would be Moser Baer media which isn’t to bad. In fact I’ve gotten some pretty nice burns with it. For sure stay away from CMC Mag unless your a skeet shooter or into frisbees. You can find TY media which IMO is about the best you can get under Fuji brand. BUT it must be made in Japan for this to be the case. Also TDK made in Japan has been TY as of late. But the best thing to do is order from or Here you can purchase TY’s unbranded. This is the route I prefer.

Happy Burnen