Noob question about multisession

Ok, I went to and read about multisession so I can see basically what they are, but I still have a small problem with them.
I had a cd-r that I burned some stuff to a few years ago, and I pulled it out today to put more on it (got my new Liteon 40speed yay!) so anyway, I started up Nero, selected multisession, and burned more stuff.
When I looked at it in explorer though, I could only see the latest thing I burned. This was in my liteon as well as a new sony cd player I have.
The faq says something about having to link sessions together to be able to see them all, only I didnt see kind of option like that in Nero when I went to burn it, and I cant find any way to do that now that its all said and done.
I used IsoBuster to get the stuff out of the first session so it wouldnt be gone forever, yet I am still confused how to actually make multisession work.

did you close the disc last time? im not really sure what you are asking, but to create a multisession disk, the disc must be un-closed ;), at least, to do it properly

No it was never closed. In fact I ended up writing 3 different sessions to it, all of which nero could see when I told it to add another session, however once I simply went to explorer to look what was on the disk, only the last session was viewable. Couldnt see anything else on the CD.
I never closed anything on any of them.

did u use easy cd for first session as this happened to me if not what software did u use?

They probably were done in EZCD Creator. An old version too, this was like 3 years ago when I made the first two sessions. Think thats the reason?

I guess its from having done some in EZCD ealier.
I better try out some multisession in Nero from scratch to make sure that works.
Thanks all

im sure its because of easy cd i done the same thing and thought i lost all my previous session but if i found it would not see all in nero but it would in easy cd so i finalized the disk with easy cd and then nero could read all the contents of the disk burn a new multi session disk with nero and have never used easy cd again

yeah im thinkin that with Nero I wont even bother with Roxy