Noob question about .iso files

Hi all,
I just got Platinum, and after burning a few coasters I’ve finally figured out the settings (from reading these boards, thank you all) and am enjoying some success.

What I was initially having trouble with was cloning my discs… they crapped out half way through the burn. I’ve noticed that in my HD temp burn folder are the .iso and .ini files from my failed attempts. I don’t know anything about those types of files, but am assuming they’re the film data.

The question is, can I burn these files to get the movies backed up, or must I have dvdFab process each original disc from scratch again?

Thanks all for help.

Iso files can be burned. Try using IMGBurn, its great.

thanks anj, but will IMGburn do double-layer, with break preserved?

Hi martyp,

You can use “Write Data” option, and choose the .ini file, DVDFab will burn the .iso file automatically with the correct layer break position.

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Hi martyp and welcome to cdfreaks,

As Fengtao said, burning an .ISO image with platinum should be a piece of cake.
Open platinum and at [B]Source[/B], move to the far right side… Note the icon with the page overlay on a disc (second icon). Click on this icon and you’ll be able to navigate to and open .ISO files. (The first icon represents folders and will let you open folders).

If you run into trouble, just post back and we’ll be glad to help you out… :wink:

Thanks all,
I followed Fengtao’s recipe and used the .ini file as the source… all went well. It saved me a bit of time since I didn’t have to have DVDFab process the original disc. Sensational piece of software!! :clap: