Noob Question about AVI/DVD/MPEG2

Slight problem :

I have WinAVI, I have downloaded a copy of BOLT ( great copy ) and now would like to burn it to disk so that my son can watch it on the tv set up.

I converted it from avi to dvd and it does not even show up on the dvd main screen. So I am now converting it to MPEG2 to give that a try.

Is there a standard rule of thumb that I need to follow to get the result I am after ( disks that play in the dvd player ).

I am not " clued" up as to the shrinking files etc etc. So would someone just point me in the right direction as to how to complete this process.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, I am sure this has been answered a thousand times so if you dont care to reply, maybe a link to a thread that has the answer :smiley:

Have a blinder peps


Ok how NOOB is this, I run the burn on Nero and it told me I was burning onto the wrong type of disk!

Ohhh the shame and the humiliation of it all :sad:

Thanks for all your help :stuck_out_tongue:

Bolt has not been released to dvd yet…it comes out in late March. Therefor the copy that you have downloaded cannot be a legal copy.

We cannot help with illegal downloads of copyright protected material at this site. If you have proof of a legal download, feel free to send me a pm on the subject.

Please review the rules of the forums before posting again.

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