Noob question about auto bitsetting with the 3540a

Maybe some of you nice advanced users can clear something up for me? From what I understand, the 3540a supports automatic bitsetting for DVD+ DL media with the standard NEC 1.03 firmware. I currently use dvd decrypter and I was wondering something? So because this drive has auto bittsetting for DVD+R DL, does that mean I dont have to manually change the booktype setting in decrypter to DVD-ROM because the drive will do it automatically? I ask because I remember burning something for friend and using his DVD+R media. I had forgotten to set the booktype to DVD-ROM in decrypter and I thought because of that it would probably be a coaster. Well it turns out that the dvd still played fine, and that the booktype was automatically changed. I only knew it was changed automatically because I saw it in the little report decrypter gives at the end of the burn. So im wondering if the same would happen for DL media? Thanks!

Stock NEC firmware. (1.03) only supports bitsetting on +R DL media. Nero can’t change that for +R media, so i guess the DVD player the disc was played on is able to play DVD+R media. Most new players will, but for better compatability, bitsetting and Booktype DVD-ROM is very useful.